This Bakery is Amazing -

“This bakery is amazing!! Abby and Laura are so kind and took time out of their busy morning to talk with me, share about the bakery and even shared tips for me as I transition to a whole new diet!! I ate the donut before we even left and I don’t ever want a “normal” donut again!! I loved how they had mixes for cakes and pancakes too!! So excited to make this a regular stop for me!! Thank you!!!”

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Talk About Going Above AND Beyond -

The owner is so helpful, willing to make something to suit your dietary needs. Talk about going above and beyond. You don't find service like this as much these days. Service and the quality of the products are out of this world.. Yummy, Tasty

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A Perfect Spot -

“A perfect spot for people looking for breads, cupcakes and donuts as good as they remember.”

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The Buns are Absolutely Delicious -

“I recently discovered Clover Meadow Bakery and I have to say that I have been GF for over 3.5 years and NEVER have I had any baking products that were this wonderful! Not even close! The buns are absolutely delicious! Moist, soft, and freeze great. GF bread at the grocery store is never moist and you need to toast it to make it even edible. Her items are truly amazing and taste like "normal" baking items. The cinnamon swirl bread made into french toast was another favorite! Thank you Abby for making such amazing GF products!”

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What an Absolute Jewel -

“Oh my! What an absolute jewel this place is. Not only is the bread, the cupcakes and cinnamon rolls THE best around, this exquisite place is balm for the soul. Wonderful warm atmosphere with excellent customer service. I had accidentally left the loaves of bread I purchased as I had a large order Saturday morning, I was so scatter brained that I went off and left them behind. Later on that day I messaged them (sheepishly) to see if they noticed. Abby was actually grateful I had because they did and was happy to know what happened. Not only did she communicate her desire to make sure I got our bread she delivered them to our home. What a lovely act of kindness when I totally was responsible for leaving them there in the first place. Most definitely will be a regular customer !!”

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Service to our Special Needs were Beyond Amazing -

“The cinnamon rolls were sooooo good! The dinner rolls were delightful! Service and attention to our special needs were beyond amazing. We will be bringing our business here as frequently as possible!

Delicious pastries · Tasty cupcakes · Freshly baked bread"

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Absolutely Divine -

“There isn't a single item we've tried that wasn't absolutely divine, and we have tried many. As much as we love all her bakery items, I think her french loaf is the best thing we've found for garlic bread since being g-free. Abby is also so accommodating with any pre-orders you might have- she's fulfilled some pretty big orders for us in the past. We are so happy to have her in Maple Lake! ”

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