A Few of Our Favorites — ALL of our items are ALWAYS gluten free, peanut free & dairy free - - - all items can be made VEGAN!!


white bread

perfect panini & toast bread - this bread is the regular size bread you remember, and has captured hearts since we started baking it.

*potato free, corn free, soy free.


french bread

the possibilities are endless - pair with fresh seasonal jam - garlic bread - petite sandwiches - toast with olive oil to pair with your favorite dips & hummus.

*potato free, corn free, soy free.


buns & dinner rolls

enjoy your sandwich til the last bite - perfectly paired with a protein - grilled veggie & can compliment your breakfast as a biscuit to bring back all your beloved country style favorites.

*potato free.


cinnamon rolls

melt in your mouth, fresh out of the oven old fashioned rolls the ones your grandma made to make any occasion sweet - you won’t believe there isn’t any butter in it!

*potato free.


old fashioned cinnamon & sugar donut

we wanted a healthy version of the fried mini donut and this one is magical - our secret…this one is baked and ready for you to indulge without ever having to miss the real thing again.


pizza crust & flatbread

we wanted to bring back “hand tossed” style crust - the kind you can pick up & enjoy -

simply add toppings & bake!

*potato free, corn free, soy free.



we LOVE cupcakes!

peak at the menu for our many cupcake options -



we LOVE cake!

peak at the menu for our many cake options -

sprinkle donuts

the classic cake donut topped with ganache & sprinkles - these are sure to brighten any day & the perfect addition to any breakfast gathering -

old fashioned cinnamon coffee cake

this coffee cake is like a happy story that makes you smile - tender cake base paired with gooey cinnamon goodness with cinnamon crumble on top.

bring this favorite anywhere - it is even offered it in a petite muffin style for breakfast or snacks on the go anytime!

*contains coconut - special order available


baking mixes

one bowl mixes to make even the newest baker on the block feel like a BOSS!!

check out our full menu for all of our super easy mixes!


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